SIRE: FC AFC Sourdough's Slick Nick (Nick)

1. Qualified in '97, '98, '99 National Opens
2. Qualified in '98 and 2000 National Amateur
3. 70 All-Age points
4. 29 Derby points

(FC AFC Bluegrass Dust Commander (Blk) X

AFC Wineglass Kuku Koko (Chlt))



Photo courtesy of Paul Brundige
Memphis, TN
All Rights Reserved



Photo courtesy of Abaco Labradors
Cranberry Twp. PA
All Rights Reserved

DAM: HR WR Timberidge's Abaco Junkanoo, CGC, WCX, TDI, MH (Kanoo)

1994 - 2009

(FC AFC Esprit Playin' For Keeps (Blk) X

Timberidge's Down Under (Chlt))

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